Treese – One on One with The Rapstar

Treese is a 39-year-old singer/rapper based in Southern Maryland born in Washington, DC on September 2nd 1983. Treese came out with a song that everyone is listening to on September 5th 2022, called ‘Run’. Let’s get to look deeper into her story.

Where did you grow up? How did it inspire your music?

“I grew up in Fort Washington, Maryland (Ft Wash, MD). I was able to live a suburb kid life and party in the city. My mind was just full of adventure..working to climb any social and financial ladder. It’s a winner’s game. Every era has a fashion trend and I was obsessed with creating trends with crazy hair and colors. I was a driven girl with a passion for artistry. Music, poems, fashion expression, but I was also guarded.  I didn’t trust people and their intentions. I was ahead of my peers because I was so mature. I was focused on succeeding at so many things rather than being a kid. Small family, somewhat divided. Although, I was street-smart and green at the same time. I was a very dominant leader, beautiful and eyes wide open. Growing up with balance made me humble but learning to work with what you have made me a star. My mind is full of experiences” – Treese answers.

What’s your most recent single about and what was your inspiration behind it? Any new material and features in the works?

 “My song ‘Run’ is about me pausing the music, but now returning and demanding 100% respect. Expressing that I’m hot, I’m talented, I am what the game needs. I am the high demand product. I’m representing all the hard-working mothers that are strong and real. I am also representing solid authentic people. That is what the song voices about. I have about 6 more singles that are in the works. My next single has a feature (TheFallSon) who’s a singer and a producer. He’s dope and fire, and together we make a bigger fire.” – Treese elaborates. 

What’re your career thoughts on staying independent, versus signing a joint-venture label deal?

 “If my team is able to be successful independently, that would be awesome because you truly do limit your debt owed. But on the other hand, if I’m offered a promising deal that is worth investing in, I would be open to it as long as I have reasonable permissions and flexibilities for me to operate as a business owner. Every artist deserves freedom and I will not sacrifice that. Polished presentation is key.” Treese emphasizes.  

What’s your future plans now?

“I want to shoot more incredible videos for my music that’s to come. I am also aiming for a movie soundtrack. My fans feel that my music fits incredibly well with movies and TV series, Urban and Pop.” Treese replies.

What’s your dream collaboration?

 “Beyonce and Myself or Super Girl Rap combo. All the recent female rappers.” Treese says proudly.

Which artist would you like to open for?

 “50 cent, Beyonce, Snoop, J. Cole, Kendrick, and Bruno Mars” Treese replies.

What advice would you give to other artists who are trying to make it in the music industry? 

“Be sure to focus on your brand. Make it clear what your style, sound, and approach is. Build a bond with your supporters and audience. Learn the business, the contracts, and constantly perfect your talent. Stay focused on the end-goal and don’t give up. Believe in yourself more than anyone so you don’t get discouraged. Surround yourself with invested, honest people.” Treese answers.

Another notable achievements Treese has landed:

  • Published Author in a book of Poems 
  • Choreographed young dance groups in community 
  • Opened up show for national recording artist Tank
  • Selected as face of beauty and on cover for local photography company magazine

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