Be On A Lookout For Popoffke Next Music Video “Mile In My Shoes”

Popoffke is releasing his new music video Friday the 17th titled “Mile In My Shoes,” produced by himself and this might become another one of his biggest songs. 1 year ago Popoffke released a music video called “Chasing Dreams” that inspired so many and caught tons of attention and we believe this new release might do the same.

Mile In My Shoes” is an upbeat hip-hop single about real-life experiences and situations you would most certainly be able to relate to which is illustrated in the music video dropping Friday the 17th. For instance, many people have experienced various concerns, such as fake friends, backstabbers, or even people spreading ungenuine love and Popoffke addresses these issues in the release.

Here’s what Popoffke had to say about the inspiration behind the song.
“The inspiration behind the song came from the way people were treating me in the present tense, and past tense and that’s where I got the title Mile In My Shoes.

Check Out The Release Down Below!

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