Barz Collectorz Impress With New Single “U Ain’t Built Like That”

With 50 years of Hip Hop the culture has evolved and brings us new streams and movements each bringing their unique flavor and arts to the table with suited integrity.

One movement that has been cooking in the kitchen working on their flavors in the recent years is Barz Collectorz.

With their new single ‘Ain’t Build Like That” featuring Blaq Poet, Dirrty D, Veteran Eye they prove they are established in the culture, born out of passion for lyricism, instruments and storytelling they place a strong emphasis on the art and craftmanship of thought provoking lyrics.

At it’s core one characteristic is their commitment to authenticity and substance in an era where superficiality often reigns supreme.

These artists strive to stay true to themselves and their craft refusing to compromise their artistic integrity for the sake of commercial success.

Their music is a reflection of lived experiences such as social justice, mental health, personal growth and loyalty to one another with personal growth, integrity and vulnerability.

Barz Collectorz places a strong emphasis on collaboration and community building rather then viewing their fellow artists as competition, they view them as comrades in arms who collaborate, share knowledge and resources while supporting one another’s endeavors creating a tight-knit community that springs creativity and mutual growth.

In terms of flavor and music style they draw inspiration from a wide range of influences blending elements of Boom Bap, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Rock to create a flavor that sounds and feels timeless and forward thinking.

While they are rooted in Hip Hop they are not afraid to think outside the box and push boundaries and experiment in the kitchen with new sounds, techniques and flavors to constantly push the genre forward into uncharted territory.

Despite being underground Barz Collectorz have been making waves in Hip Hop earning critical acclaim for lyricism, authenticity and integrity.

While not enjoying the level of mainstream recognition as some of their peers they have carved out a niche and an own lane within Hip Hop and are steadily building a loyal fanbase that appreciates dedication to the craft for the last 10 years.

In conclusion, Barz Collectorz are a testament of lyricsim and great music for the culture by prioritizing substance over superficial, and authenticity over commercial appeal. These artists are keeping the true spirit of Hip Hop alive to go another 50 years.

As they continue to sharpen their swords and pushing boundaries the future looks bright for Barz Collectors and Hip Hop.

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