Aztec Flow – “Serpico” ft. Atahan

Aztec Flow - Serpico (feat. Atahan) [Official Video]

With the gritty distorted vocals, head throbbing 808s and bar after bar with amazing punchlines. This song takes memeing and talking trash on another level. Making fun of people who you might tell something important to and then have them like in the lyrics “told the whole town”. The song takes the name “Serpico” from the old 1970s Al Pacino movie of the same name and uses the informant Frank Serpico as part of its punchline. The song bagging out those who rat and tell half truths are who the duo are going after in this wild song. Poking fun at the hypocrisy at the same time while in their music video they’re playing cops. Although they may be playing corrupt cops in a dystopian future in 2059 I think they’ve got the whole snitch and rat theme down to a tee. The music video has a very creative direction being shot in a future where drugs have been secretly legalized and task forces within this new fictional government have begun cracking down on those who do not comply with their taxing of the products.

The song and music video being heavily worked on for a year with a lot of VFX work being done. This amazing video is of a rare kind especially since Aztec directed but also edited a majority of the film himself. The song having featured Turkish Australian artist Atahan the two artists really shine and show why they are a music powerhouse. This single being the second single to drop from Aztec Flows album titled “WDRL” which will be dropping a whole week after this song on the 31st of March. Setting us up for the album quite nicely with one hell of a switch up from his previous single titled Focus which is now sitting at 75,000 on spotify. With the music video being aired on RageTv, MTV and Youtube with its views sitting at a cool 48,000. Only some amazing things can come from this album and this is just one of the mind blowing music videos that’s yet to come.


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