929 Reese: Brooklyn’s Booming Breakout Artist

929 Reese

Trendy talent 929 Reese is booming from the bustling Brooklyn streets! Musically, his journey began as an easy and fun experience in the studio, but that was just the start of his stardom! Although a true talent, Reese had little idea that he would soar to success so quickly thanks to the potential he possessed!

As a result of the positive praise for his wonderful wordplay, the Brooklyn-bred breakout artist began pursuing his passion professionally. The young storyteller has an unsurpassed edge thanks to his slick delivery, unrivaled flow, and unmatched work ethic. Remaining a force to be reckoned with, the emerging emcee and entrepreneur 929 Reese makes music that moves the masses while making his ambitions known. In doing so, the rising rhymer returns with his recent release, “Hey Slime”. After pressing play, the hot new hit’s hypnotizing elements and mid-tempo production create for a looped listen.

The Rapid Rise of 929 Reese

High off the hype, the hot new hitmaker arrives with an accompanying visuals which breathes new life into the raved release! Throughout the visual we see Reese and his homies in his hometown kicking it. Switching scenes from the VHS-themed moments to modern day moods, 929 Reese really is a reflection of his music through the authenticity within his artistry.

Regardless, Reese is on a rapid rise to leave his mark on the music industry – primarily the rap game. But, more importantly, he is determined to change the narrative for everyone who is going through similar struggles. As 2023’s artist to watch, be sure to add the trendy track to your favorite playlists. Press play on the sizzling single and it’s vibrant visuals.  Lastly, get familiar with the trailblazing talent here at Lyric Select as we chopped it up with 929 Reese to talk new music, collaborations, what’s next and more!

929 Reese Links with Lyric Select to Talk music and More!

“It all began in Farragut Projects, that’s where I’m from. It’s like downtown Brooklyn, New York and shit. I started rapping about three, four years ago. I didn’t really start taking it seriously until probably two years ago, a year and a half ago. I’ve been on since. When my song “No Heart” made it to the radio when I did a song with Coi leray. It hit the radio and I was like, “Feel Me?”, I could really go up with this. So I ain’t gonna miss my blessings”. 

“Coming out of the city, I’m really not really into the old stuff. I like 50 cent, I grew up on 50 cent. Pop Smoke, RIP to Pop Smoke, I like Pop Smoke. Also from New York – my favorite I’ll probably give it to like Lil TJay. I don’t really know lol. Shit I would say the only “old” person would be like Lloyd Banks and stuff like that because my father would be watching it when I was growing up”. 

“I write. So most of the time I usually write you feel me? Because I take pride in my writing and stuff so most of the time I usually write. But if I’m in a studio for a long time or for example if I got a studio session and it’s like three hours… I know I’m going in to work. Because I don’t have time not to work so I’m gonna have the songs ready. But if it’s like we got a big session or one of the engineers just want to fuck me not charging me or something like that, then I’m just going to go in there and vibe out to the beat, smoke some weed, and make a song. Feel me? It just goes like that. I just really be freestyling it”.


Creative Collaborations and Celebrating Hip-Hop!

“Oh shout out to her manager, that’s my guy you feel me? I knew him before the Rap and all that so I linked up with him and he put that together. But we had shot that video before she blew up, not like before she blew up because she has always been somebody, but before the Lil Durk record “No Parties”, we shot that like a month, two months before that. I waited on it and then she told me to drop it like before she was about to drop the Durk joint and it just went crazy! I ain’t going to lie. She’s fun, she’s fun to be around. She’s cool forreal”. 

“Yeah. I usually don’t reach out for features crazy but if it happens, it happens you feel me? I got a couple of collabs, I got songs with my man’s Rich Nunu and stuff like that. Also, I got a song now that I’m about to come out with OT7 Quanny. So we are really about to lock in and all that. There’s other rappers like Bizzy Banks and stuff like that that I’m about to lock in with, a couple people. That’s all around the GUMBO brand, shout to the team”.


“Hip Hop for me is like a way to express how you feel. That’s how I feel about it, you for me? i feel that way about music in general. There’s certain people that go to the studio and just talk about anything in the studio. But, if you really listened to my music, it got a story behind it, a message behind every one of them. It ain’t just me just going in rapping. And a lot of people would be like “Yo Reese, why do you be  kind of rapping about the same stuff some time”. So I be trying to tell them, I only Rap about what I know and what I see. So for me, I might give the same vibe sometimes, but it’s never the same”.

“I’d say it got me a lot of better opportunities. I’m definitely who I am now, because of the music.I was always somebody you know, even when I used to play sports, or even when I was just growing up in my hood. Like I have always been somebody. Feel me? So I was always special in anything I did. But it definitely helped me out. I met a lot of new people, people that have helped me out so it’s been dope”.

What’s Next?

“I gotta tape that I’m working on right now, it’s called ‘Sand Street Story: Vol. 1’. Look on my IG, it’s my profile picture, and all that so I dropped the cover. I didn’t give it a date yet because I’m still working on it. Wondering if I want to add songs, take songs out, working with my team and all that. But yeah, I’ll probably drop more singles though, before I drop the tape anyway. So look out for a couple of features or a couple regular records by me. I always got visuals too! Gotta couple on the way too, I just haven’t dropped it yet”. 

I say this all the time. Always keep going no matter what, feel me. Don’t ever stop no matter what. Actually, for whatever in life, not just rapping. In school, in the real world, when you go to work. Everything won’t always go your way. And you got to learn to work with others in your life. Everybody feels like they could do it on their own, but there’s no way you would be able to do it all on your own. You have to be able to work with others. So just keep going and keep an open mind, feel me?



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