Wrek shares energetic single “Déjà vu”

New Jersey artist Wrek has shared a new single called “Déjà vu”, which caught our attention immediately for its vivid production, eclectic vocals, and catchy rhythm section. It’s a song that is difficult to ignore once you press play, as colorful instrumentation and memorable vocal lines come at you at a rapid pace, underscored by bouncing percussion and bass. Wrek shines as a vocalist as he handles the lively beat with ease, sprinkling his verses with nostalgic lyricism that give the song added character. The vintage video game-inspired sound is engaging, paired with club influences to give it that Jersey flavor. Overall, Wrek shows no signs of slowing down with “Déjà vu”, a track which has significantly excited us for what may be coming next from him in 2023.

Give “Déjà vu”a listen here and further familiarize yourself with Wrek. Connect with him on social media platforms for updates.

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