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“Underdogs” Unleashed: PSL and Max Bujold’s Maritimes Collaboration

In a meeting of musical souls, Canadian artist PSL and East Coast Canadian singer/songwriter Max Bujold came together in the scenic Maritimes to create a song that transcends time. The result of their collaboration, “Underdogs,” is a heartfelt anthem dedicated to individuals who have faced doubt, unfair judgment, or the weight of being misunderstood.

For PSL, known for his unique music style, this collaboration was a leap outside his comfort zone. Friends and family in the Maritimes had consistently sung praises of Max Bujold’s talents, prompting PSL to explore the possibility of collaboration. After attending several of Max’s live performances, PSL was convinced of the potential for a remarkable partnership. “Even though rock and country aren’t my typical genres, I embraced the challenge. A few weeks after our initial meeting and discussions about collaboration, I invited Max to my studio, and ‘Underdogs’ was born.”

The song’s theme resonates deeply with both artists, who have encountered doubt on their respective musical journeys. PSL emphasized the significance of persistence in the face of doubt. “As artists, we are continually confronted with skepticism as we ascend the music industry ladder. From my own experiences, I’ve learned that doubt is fleeting if you put in the effort. You have to keep pushing forward, and success will eventually silence the doubters.”

Max Bujold, an East Coast Canadian singer/songwriter, is currently captivating audiences on tour with his band Max & the Milestones. You can follow his musical ventures on all major social media platforms under the username @maxbujold.

When asked about his upcoming projects, PSL eagerly revealed his plans for fans. “I’m currently deeply immersed in several new features and collaborations. I have a wealth of music waiting to be shared with my fans. Additionally, I’m excited to announce a one-time show on October 6th in New Brunswick, and I’m equally thrilled to release a French album on October 20th, alongside numerous other exciting ventures.”

As the musical journey between PSL and Max Bujold unfolds in the Maritimes, anticipate nothing less than inspiration and emotional resonance through their harmonious melodies.

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