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Trey Tuck x Smoke DZA Collaboration: Breaking the Mold with “SET THE PACE”

In a hip-hop haystack typically packed with repeating themes and sounds, an artist emerges with an exciting new track to “SET THE PACE“. Trey Tuck, a Connecticut-based hip-hop rising rhyer returns with his latest record, featuring the famous Smoke DZA and beat architect Josh Blount. Trey Tuck’s collaboration not only confirms his position in the industry, but also sets a standard for innovation and versatility. The pulse of Trey Tuck’s track is charged with a magnetic energy. One that sweeps the listener into a sonic landscape created by seasoned stars.

An Ode to Lyricism and Innovation

The essence of this trendy track is the synergy of Trey Tuck’s uncompromising verses, Smoke DZA’s legendary flow, and  the sonic tapestry skilfully set by Josh Blount. Trey Tuck’s unapologetic storytelling overflows with raw energy and introspection, rooted in his life experiences. It’s a testament to his growth as an artist, a nod to his past, and a sure-footed step into the future. Smoke DZA’s signature style flow, infused with charisma and confidence, stands in stark contrast to Tuck’s story. The veteran’s presence on “SET THE PACE” does not overpower the release; rather, it elevates it, causing a dynamic shift in both the mood and thematic dimensions. Then there’s Josh Blount, whose production is an unsung hero, adding a heartbeat to a well-crafted piece. His beats ebb and flow, complementing the rhymers’ raw emotion and unapologetic aggressiveness, creating a soundscape that is not only heard, but also felt.

“SET THE PACE” is more than a single; it’s a statement. It showcases Trey Tuck’s resistance to be pigeonholed. The track’s production paired with hard-hitting beats and captivating undertones, create a blend that is both a call to action and a challenge to creative stagnation. Tuck steers away from standard rap, instead using a larger palette and combining elements from numerous musical genres. His lyricism, which is packed with thoughtful reflection and unfiltered expression, resonates to listeners on a personal level. This transparency is becoming increasingly rare in a genre where image frequently outweighs substance.

Trey Tuck Is A Talent to Watch

The hot new hit highlights Trey Tuck’s talent, and his collaboration with Smoke DZA just adds to his potential. The single leaves an unforgettable impression, enticing the audience about what’s to come from a rising rhymer. Trey Tuck is clearly on the verge of something bigger than himself, and “SET THE PACE” might just be the starting gun. In an industry that often prioritizes trends over art, it’s refreshing to witness an artist who unapologetically sets his own pace. Trey Tuck’s current trajectory, marked by this high-octane single, promises a forward march through uncharted territories of hip-hop. For fans, it’s a thrilling ride; for aspiring artists, it’s a masterclass in finding and cultivating one’s voice.

Nonetheless, from underground mixtapes to mainstream success, Trey Tuck is on the brink of a significant strive. As a result, taking with him the legacy of true hip-hop. His is a name to follow, music to listen to, and a movement to join. Don’t believe it? Press play on their trendy track “SET THE PACE” delivered by the dynamic duo. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments here at Lyric Select.




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