The Remarkable Story Behind Rising Star RIIIVER JORDAN


This is no ordinary blog, on no ordinary music artist, this is a universal testimonial on the empowering RIIIVER JORDAN and how his story and music will change your view on life.

There are no doubt many remarkable stories behind upcoming, and iconic artists, that have shaped the essence of their influence, and how their fans embrace their music, however…RIIIVER JORDAN’S coming-of-age story stands out in a sea of influential music.

RIIIVER JORDAN is no stranger to hardship, the foundations of his career are built off determination and resilience. Just four years ago the Michigan-born artist was pursuing his passion from his car in the heart of LA. Knowing he was destined for more RIIIVER worked long shifts at restaurants and put everything he had into his music and singing, and after getting noticed for his cover of ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ By Sam Smith he was discovered by Nick Cannon, whom he shared his moving story with.

Inspired by RIIIVER’s courage and dedication to the music industry, he signed him to his label and helped him network with multiple industry professionals, changing his future for the better, not only did this grow his talent but he truly believed in himself and how if you work and believe hard enough, anything you strive for will come to you.

Now RIIIVER JORDAN is an unstoppable typhoon, and his latest release “Breathe” is a remarkable portrayal of heartbreak, friendship and keeping hope and your power close to you. “Breathe” is from one survivor to a world full of survivors, it’s soulful and mesmerizing R&B Pop melodies will put you in a trance of bliss as the poetically deep vocals carry you to a destination you didn’t know you desired.

If you only listen to one song this week, make “Breathe” that song and you’ll understand why RIIIVER JORDAN is inspiring listeners at an exponential rate. “Breathe” isn’t just an ordinary song, it’s a spiritual journey that encourages us to take control of our life and passions, just like RIIIVER did. Stream “Breathe” now!

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