Sean Rafael’s ‘Sax Appeal’: A Refreshingly Unique Addition to the Music Scene

Not many have been known to be genuinely innovative, sincerely creative, and ambitiously unique. You have a top set of artists for a reason, right? Of course you do! However, it’s time to add a new artist to that roster. Let me introduce you to our friend, Sean Rafael, and his new EP, “Sax Appeal”. A project that feels just as new as it feels familiar, a recipe Sean uses as the glue to hold these soaring anthems together.


The opener, “Your Eyes Play a Melody” is an example of this project feeling familiar. The haunting vocal part, the modern-touches to an established EDM formula, and the pop-themed synths scream out their anthem status. Nevertheless, it feels somewhat unfamiliar. Attributes such as the phenomenal saxophone solos, played by Sean, to the eminent trombone stabs are qualities that will leave you infatuated and confused in the best ways. The following track continues Sean’s methodical approach to the project, a three minute remake of Haddaway’s classic hit, “What Is Love”. While most of the world’s population have heard this song in some context, nobody has heard it like this, and nobody has heard a version of this song feel so alive, potentially more than the original. Sean completely remade this song to remove its dated feel and to give the song a humbling chance to live on in clubs, parties, and anywhere else where someone has wondered what love is. Dynamic instrumentation, Latin-based percussion, and that vocal classic hook. “What Is Love” is now what is going to be trending in the EDM realm.


Following up, by the time you hear the third track, “More Than My Hometown”, the EP seems to have a clear direction of where it’s going with each song feeling less familiar than how it was for the song before. While on paper this song is just a remake of a Morgan Wallen classic, for the auditory experience, it’s so. much. more. The new vocalist delivers the lyrics in the most heart-wrenching way while being supported by a pop-driven EDM instrumental, a trait that will leave many original listeners in awe by how flawless Sean’s delivery is. The runner up to this, “Music Makes You Look Even Better” matches its counterpart with grim lyrics that are fully transparent of its yearning origination. A lyric applicable to everyone at some point. Despite the surface value of these lyrics, the track remains ambiguous behind some sections that feel jubilant, but also behind some sections that feel painful from the singer’s romantic desires.


The last chapter of the evergrowing EP, “Sax Appeal” starts with “Staring at Paradise”. A song that is the perfect resolution and closer to the dilemmas felt in the songs prior with more promising lyrics that are wonderfully translated by the vocalist. The track is a bit shorter, so don’t let the bright pianos and the fluid rhythm throw you off when “Sax Appeal” closes the show. But maybe you won’t be able to tell the difference when the place you’re at has it on repeat.


In addition, “Your Eyes Play a Melody” is currently charting in the United Kingdom as well as Germany, and we anticipate the song to follow the trend in the United States of America as well. When speaking with Sean, he had mentioned further ambitions towards the EP charting as a collective piece. Reaching the charts is a difficult task for any EP release in comparison to a LP, but nowhere near impossible for someone as talented as Sean. We are also one of the many platforms that you will see “Sax Appeal” headlining in regards to press releases.


Overall, “Sax Appeal” is a positive reflection of Sean’s potential, skill, and talent. It is very rare to find a new artist doing as well as Sean but also while making music as timeless as the music on this project. “Sax Appeal” has made its debut on all major streaming platforms and costs $4.95 to other major retailers. You can thank us later for introducing you to one of your new favorite artists, but you can thank us now too if you’d like.



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