Scoolascoola Unveils New Single “I Will Not Lose” – A Melodic Triumph from Hip Hop’s Own

Scoolascoola, the visionary co-owner of Branch Off Records and a luminary in the independent Hip Hop scene, is making waves yet again with his latest release, “I Will Not Lose.” Hailing from the heart of Supply, North Carolina, Scoolascoola’s artistic journey ignited at the age of 14 when he first began experimenting with rap, recording mixtapes after rigorous football and wrestling practices.

Steeped in a rich musical heritage, Scoolascoola’s journey traversed different states and local venues, leaving an indelible impact on audiences. In 2019, he took a calculated hiatus from recording to focus on cultivating his entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the establishment of Branch Off Records.

“I Will Not Lose,” his newest single, showcases Scoolascoola’s resilience and growth, featuring a compelling collaboration with T-Rell and expert production by CrittyOnDaTrak. The song exemplifies Scoolascoola’s evolution as both an artist and a savvy business co-owner.

Scoolascoola’s narrative stands as a testament to the power of artistic innovation and determination. As he continues to push boundaries, he paves the way for emerging Hip Hop artists to find their voice and impact the world.

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