RYN Scott – “Peaks & Valleys”

Grand Rapids, Michigan artist RYN SCOTT has shared a new album, titled Peaks and Valleys. An engaging record that bears its soul across 9 tracks that resonate with heartfelt energy, Peaks and Valleys finds Scott focusing on his strengths. Sharply-crafted lyricism that remains relatable throughout, as well as infectious, inspirational production, make up the hallmarks of this powerful record.

Opener “Lost” sets the tone for the LP with its uplifting piano lines and crisp percussion. As graceful violins are brought in to accent the beat and give it a layered feel, Scott delivers fast-paced vocals peppered with confessional lines that draw the listener into the project and make them invested in its message. This song transitions smoothly into “Lose Control”, which ups the pace to adrenaline-fuelled levels with dramatic instrumentation that underscores Scott’s vocal performance in a sublime fashion. “To All My Demons”, featuring Crystal Rae, brings in a country and folk influence with fluttering acoustic guitars and bouncy, upbeat percussion. “Feels Like Home” conjures a warm, reflective soundscape through its grand keys and sturdy percussion, and Scott comes through with powerful, captivating vocals that make it hard to focus on anything else. Peaks and Valleys closes with the soulful track “Noise”, which finds Scott delivering some of his most poignant vocals on the LP, closing it out on a high note.

RYN SCOTT was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and is now residing in the Metro-Detroit area. His home-grown Michigan roots are reflected in his music along with his love for peace, family, and fun. He also believes in relating to one another on a real level and having compassion for everyone, both in which you can hear outlined in his new album Peaks & Valleys.


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