Pop Singer Xena East Comes in with Her Legendary Love Song “Dream Girl” Offers Her Angelic Voice Which Conveys Her Romance Failure Past to Her Listeners

Xena East originally became interested in music at the age of 27 when she met her best friend Kenya, a female rapper artist. Kenya was an influence to Xena East. Xena then began rapping and uploading tracks on Soundcloud. She then began playing cover versions of songs by well-known artists such as Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez, demonstrating her vocal power. Stay Beautiful Queens, Xena East’s debut album was released in 2020 on TuneCore. She is a Vietnamese and Chinese-born Australian.

A basic pop song, this one. This song’s musical arrangement is amazing. The slow vocal version of the song was written by Xena East. The music is more calming and has a truer color thanks to the guitar. This song was dedicated by Xena East to her most recent romance. Through the lyrics, she conveys the anguish she experienced in that relationship. A particular individual who crushes hearts causes people to feel intense sadful emotions. This music has the power to soothe people.

The title ‘Dream Girl’ of the song alludes to Xena East’s love history. She had daydreamed about having a  special girlfriend. In her dreams, she frequently contemplates her love. She is ecstatic when she dreams about it. In actuality, though, they are only legends. Her dream girlfriend betrayed her love. In her dream, she was asking for love. But she couldn’t find love. She does what she does because of someone else. She concentrated all of her efforts on a single person. She suffered a disastrous romantic failure. She was completely preoccupied with her beauty. This song is completely dedicated to someone special. A person is entirely devoted to her sweetheart.

   You don’t have to be my love

  Cuz I love you thru the stars thru the nights

    Cuz I wanna be with you forever

   Cuz you’re my babe for day thru the night

The first time in her life, the person she loves is described in this part. She is no longer in need of that person’s affection. There is only one person who she truly loves. She had loved her all night long, even under the stars. She desired an eternal union with her. As she is her lover from morning to night. It’s a solitary love. She tried to win her affection but failed. She, therefore, made the decision to love one side. This portion of her felt an intense longing for her first love, who was always in her mind. 

      So please please love me

         Please please give me love

When I wanna be with you and hold your hands tight

         The moment we saw each other

The asking for love is explained in this section. She is really eager to find true love. She is therefore pleading vehemently for the affection she desires. She only wants her dream girl soul and love. She desires to have lovely moments with her. But she was unable to fulfill her wish. It describes sincere, pure affection. True love is a person’s affection for another person.

She currently has over 7K Facebook followers and more than 25K subscribers on Youtube and over 6k followers on Tiktok and 55k followers on Instagram which shows her rocket-fueled popularity. The song ‘Dream Girl’ is available on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and all Platforms. Reach out to Xena East by giving her a follow and be a part of her family supportive fans now for more updates of her next new release.

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