Patrick Sun shares mysterious EP ‘Villain Energy’

Patrick Sun has dropped off a fresh new EP called Villain Energy. Hailing from Chicago, the rapper and songwriter has become known for his character-rich style, which blends creative punchlines with sharp storytelling abilities atop a diverse set of beats. His latest project, Villain Energy, possesses a mysterious energy with mercurial, smoky instrumentals and focused raps from Sun that showcase a certain depth to their songwriting. It’s a solid new project that takes Sun’s lyrical abilities to new heights, proved across tracks like the opener “Time Crisis” to the poignant, engaging “Runnin”.

Sun’s skills on the mic are evident from the get-go, as he pieces together strong verses with a commanding delivery. His lines examine personal growth and maturation, as well as the duality within us all and the relationship between good and evil. The project is philosophical and relatable, while containing a depth and moodiness that makes it intriguing. It’s clear that Sun balanced out all these elements with intention across the project, making Villain Energy an EP that is easy to revisit, as there are many layers to unpack.

Listen to Villain Energy below:

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