Morgan Pirtle shares new single “TS4L”

Chicago-based artist Morgan Pirtle has shared a refreshing new single called “TS4L.” She grew up surrounded by the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald and Carole King, which inspired her to eventually pursue a degree in Vocal Jazz. Her in-depth studies of the genre inspired her to naturally blend jazz with other contemporary influences, painting ethereal and impactful soundscapes with her music. Pirtle’s latest single captures her poignant, sharp songwriting and vivid sound through its engaging mixture of jazz, alt-pop, R&B, and more.

“TS4L” contains vibrant instrumentation from accomplished producer Aaron Day centred around immersive, warm synths, crisp, grooving percussion, and rich bass. Vocally, Pirtle steals the show with silky melodies that draw the listener deeply into the song’s immersive atmosphere. Topically, “TS4L” dives into a world of quickly fleeting lust and the search to define oneself, making it a relatable listen for many.

The latest from Chicago’s Morgan Pirtle, “TS4L” provides a relatable, focused offering and has us excited for what may be coming next from the rising artist.

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