May Star Puts His City On The Map For HipHop

What do you think of when you hear Iowa? Corn, country music, maybe farms? Well May Star has changed that, and his influence is making Iowa known for HipHop & RnB music. May Star is a melodic rap artist who blends his own style into music. Inspired by artists like PNB Rock & others, he puts his all into his music, and it lead Iowa to become the home of one of the greatest hiphop artists.

In 2022 not only did May Star get the best RnB artist award in Iowa’s Music Festival, but he made it proof that no matter where you are from, you can make what you like. He inspires the youth to believe in themselves and do what they want, rather than following the crowd. May Star believes everyone has a talent and they just have to make it known.

May Star wants Iowa to be not only a state known for other genres, but he wants it to be known for HipHop, Melodic Rap, RnB, or whatever you like. May Star has lost loved ones over the years and puts real emotions into his music. With true feelings and a strong passion, this artist may be someone you’ll love, so follow his socials below!

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