Kentucky Artist Confuses Internet, Debuts ‘Unwatchable’ Video Premiere

“You Can’t Watch This For a Year”; Music listeners left confused

Artists typically are excited to release their music as soon as possible.

Unknown Kentucky artist Baby R3ject decided a different approach – to debut a music video that fans are unable to watch.

The YouTube Premiere page titled Liminal Space is public, although it is scheduled to air over an entire year from the date of it’s announcement.

The thumbnail reads “You Can’t Watch This For A Year”.

This has left music listeners across the internet completely confused and curious as to why the music video was announced so early, despite being publicly unavailable.

The good news is, the song is set to premiere on October 14th, 2024 for those wondering what we’re waiting so long to see.  Fans and on-lookers are able to set a reminder via YouTube for the live debut next year.

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