Impeccable Mueller Is Taking Over With These Shows

Mueller or known as ImpeccableMueller is an artist out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with Pennsylvania’s very fast and up-and-coming underground scene growing day by day. Mueller has been throwing a lot of shows lately giving them his own one-on-one experience and taste to them, I was lucky enough to have Mueller invite me to them to talk about them with you guys reading this. His latest show “Impeccable ST. Patty’s Festival” had the crowd jumping with artists like 570JVJBG TurkBcmuac TloMike MobbinNcu West and so many more great artist coming out to show off their talent to the fans. With all the hype around these shows, Mueller truly hopes everyone has fun and just lives it up and enjoys the music even going so as to go on tour in April for all his fans and friends. I think Mueller is making all the right moves at the right time and will for sure be the next big rapper from Pennsylvania. (Pictures Taken By ShotByJose)

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