IBRU Set to Captivate Fans with Latest Reggae/Dancehall Single, “Lady of My Dreams”

Miami, FL – Caribbean-bred, US-based artist IBRU is preparing to take the music world by storm with his latest single, “Lady of My Dreams”. Known for his unique fusion of dancehall and pop style hooks, IBRU’s music reaches out to a diverse audience, including both young people on the streets and the more mature crowd.

With his down-to-earth lyrics, IBRU connects with his fans on a deeper level, tackling social injustice and bringing awareness to the struggles of everyday life.

As an Iraqi War veteran with humble beginnings, IBRU’s music is both punchy and gravitational, drawing fans in for an exciting ride.

“Lady of My Dreams” is set to be released in mid-April, and is executive produced by IBRU’s own Kohanim Record, under the guidance of Miami-based production house Radical Roots. The single promises to showcase IBRU’s signature sing jay style, while bringing a fresh perspective to the reggae/dancehall genre.

With “Lady of My Dreams”, IBRU is set to broaden his already vast fan base, bringing his unique perspective and infectious beats to audiences around the world.

Keep an eye out for the single’s release on April 14, and get ready to experience the magic of IBRU’s new music.


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