G. Fields Drops “Think About It” as the Lead Single for the “Same Place” Soundtrack

G. Fields, the rising jazz artist who unfuses hip-hop, has dropped “Think About It” as the lead single for the “Same Place” soundtrack. The song, which is featured in a soundtrack sequence of the short movie trailer for “Same Place,” has been generating buzz in the music industry for its catchy beats and introspective lyrics.

The “Same Place” short film tells a story of love and loss, with “Think About It” serving as the perfect accompaniment to the film’s emotional storyline. The song features Jamal Woolard and is a career-breaking moment for G. Fields, who has been gaining momentum in the music industry for his unique sound and artistic vision.

The music video for “Think About It” captures the essence of the short film, with the beginning of the visual showcasing the storyline before leading into the career-breaking song. The video is a must-see, offering a glimpse into G. Fields’ creative process and musical journey.

The release of “Think About It” is a significant milestone for G. Fields and the “Same Place” soundtrack. With its powerful lyrics and infectious beats, the song is sure to resonate with audiences and cement G. Fields’ place as a rising star in the music industry.

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