Exus addresses listeners directly on ‘From Me, To You’

Exus has shared a new album called From Me, To You. He first caught our attention for his emotive sound and honest songwriting, which his new record is chock full of. It’s a project that grabs you immediately, drawing you into its potent soundscape with powerful lyrics and gripping flows. A focused lyricist, his ability to paint vivid pictures is shown throughout the album, as he delivers flawless lines packed with emotion that remain relatable to the intern throughout. The production is solid as well, with a series of silvery, atmospheric instrumentals that feel reflective in tone, suiting his pensive lyrical style with much cohesion. 

When it comes to artists who are willing to lay their heart on their sleeve and connect with listeners on a deeper level, Exus is certainly a prime example. He sets the tone for this with “Do You See Me?”, with its captivating, personal lines, and “Message To My Diary”, which follows up the opener with equal potency, drawing the listener into its atmosphere. “New Life” and “Live More” provide highlights with refreshing sounds that caught our ears, as they are packed with emotive, vivid lyricism throughout.

The latest from Exus, From Me, To You lets his songwriting shine with a series of potent cuts that provide the listener with an emotive journey. Take a listen below.

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