devRAB – “Misfit”

Queens artist devRAB has returned with a new EP called ‘MISFiT.’ Showcasing his idiosyncratic, colourful sound and ear for psychedelic production, the project offers a versatile set of 4 tracks and features performances from BIGBABYGUCCI and Kevin Powers. devRAB himself is as engaging as ever on the mic, as he switches between memorable melodic verses and commanding rap flows with ease. On tracks like “MISFiT” and “Private Shit”, devRAB delivers melodies that are mesmerizing and linger in the listener’s head long after, giving these songs added replay value. BIGBABYGUCCI makes a strong appearance on “Private Shit” as well, flowing smoothly atop the infectious, bright production. “KNOW BETTER” finds devRAB delivering raw hip-hop verses, weaving together vibrant lyrics atop the immersive production. The project as a whole showcases his sharp ear for beats, as it contains some truly vibrant instrumentals that feel psychedelic and layered. Closer “Up Now” makes for an atmospheric, uplifting send-off, with powerful, airy instrumentation that takes the track up to the clouds, as devRAB delivers some of his most poignant vocals on the project.

It has been 2 years since devRAB’s last project and MISFiT the EP is devRAB’s latest body of work. This project offers a glance at the evolution of devRAB as he enters the sound of RAGE. Artists who inspired this EP are Young Thug, Yeat, BIGBABYGUCCI and Lil Yachty. This project was a glance at who devRAB was becoming. Navigating his young career, he has seen the loss of friends, family and other close ones. He truly felt that he didn’t belong in most places and MISFiT was born. He created this small project to show others it’s ok to feel like you don’t fit in. Being weird is more fun anyway.


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