Daniel Tuladhar and the Impact of His Recent Success

Folk, gospel, rock, pop, and so many other doses of just as diverse genres are the beginning and essence of Tuladhar’s artistic journey. There was also no intro we found as fit as this to begin our eager overview of what we’ve been hearing from this captivating artist, Tuladhar.

     With a catalog of independently charting songs, Tuladhar is making it blatantly clear that they will be filling history books with their name. Given the anticipated releases due soon, it is unknown at this time what Tuladhar’s roster will be for production, audio engineering, and the chosen record label for release. We suspect the release will be later this year or earlier next year.

      “Hello, Goodbye” is a fulfilling intro if you’re a new listener. Tuladhar’s vocals are welcoming, vibrant, projected softly, and endearing. The instrumentation follows this same pattern with nothing less than a quality mix that couldn’t be matched anywhere else than where it was dreamed of Hollywood.

      We are thrilled to uncover Tuhaldhar’s story to our audiences in our future segments, and we hope you enjoy the listen just as much as we did!



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