Cody Kiks is Taking The Canadian Fine Jewelry Market By Storm

Assuming that you’re searching for the best quality custom fine jewelry, especially your Grillz, then it’s time for you to get the coldest ice in the country with Cody Kiks of the Canadian Diamond Boyz, and Gold Teeth Canada Famous as ‘Kiks’ on his Instagram account with over 50k followers, Cody Kiks has been making stand-out custom Grillz and gems for about 16 years. Situated in Canada, Kiks, and his group, have conveyed custom craftsmanship and art pieces all over the globe.

With customer bases like Machine Gun Kelly, Anderson Paak, Xzibit, Cordea, YBN Nahmir, and Almighty Jay. Cody Kiks has made a realm by providing the highest quality diamonds,
craftsmanship, precious metals, Grillz, one-of-a-kind, exceptional pieces, alongside providing the best customer care service that you can get in the field of the jewelry business.

Cody Kiks has been trained in custom jewelry training courses for 16 years, when he was in
Bronx, NYC. Kiks started accommodating Canada’s top industry experts, ordinary citizens, and
artists from the back of his truck.

From developing his business from scratch, he has turned into a well-known and notable
jewelry developer/modern-day goldsmith. As a gem dealer, he values exceeding his customer’s
expectations by not only delivering hand-crafted jewelry but also creating gold and diamond
works of art that become heirlooms and assets.

Kiks has been constantly collaborating with his team of jewelers and business partners expressly conveying custom work all across the globe. You can likewise have a meeting peacefully from the comfort of your home. Or rather visit him directly on his Instagram @kiks @goldteethcanada or go to the Canadian Diamond Boyz site and click ‘Custom Design’ > ‘Start Custom Project,’ and a designer will respond shortly to schedule your consultation.

In a world loaded with deliberate misdirection, Cody Kiks and the Canadian Diamond Boyz are
illuminating the stage with their devotion and obligation to giving the best in the jewelry

Founder of the Canadian Diamond Boyz and its sub-brand Gold Teeth Canada, Cody Kiks looks
forward to making astonishingly well-designed custom jewelry and growing ahead with his art,
achieving greater accomplishments than he could ever imagine! Further planning to completely revolutionize the whole jewelry industry with his creativity and individualistic ideas.

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