Bliss – “Knowface”



Born in New York then moved to Los Angeles at the age of 2. I started delving into every corner of the culture of not only my city but also hip hop and Graffiti. We would skate and paint all day. Bump old music and new music and everything in between mobbing around the enormous county of Los Angeles. I gotta say life as a youngster in the early 2000s and 2010s in LA was pretty lit for what it’s worth. I’m that same breathe tho it came with negative things as well. I tried heroin for the first time when I was 12. I was kicking it with my older homies and one of them pulled out some tar. I asked if I could try it and that was that. This particular moment in time was something that changed my entire adolescence for what I believe to be the worse. Once I got to Colorado at first I was miserable. I was used to palm trees a And sunshine* the harsh brutal winters were pretty depressing looking back. 3 months after I turned 18 I was sitting in Denver county jail for heroin possession.

This gnarly reality check would do little to nothing to curtail the downward spiral and some more bad decisions followed. Ended up getting out then Sent back once to a different facility. All the while making music and writing. I got out By 2019. I was pretty much over the whole self loathing junkie piece of shit reality so I decided to boss up. I took my self seriously. Took my militant mindset I had gained in the pen and applied it to life on the outs. Got two jobs, kept working out and ultimately got my shit together. Now we are here in the present fully bossed up. I’m 26. I own 5 acres in hartsel CO. I am about to get a house. And I have a beautiful wife and two dogs. I am beyond grateful for everything I have in my life. Now my focus is simply crafting my music and providing for my family. I still work a legit job but would hope to one day pay my bills through my art. Love is law. Life is good. And God is great. I love you all. Also shouts out to my momma. She finally just got her first house So proud of her!


Instagram @knowface_746

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