Beatriz Lima aka BIA: The Brazilian DJ Transforming Canada’s Music Scene

In the realm of music, rare talents emerge, and Beatriz Lima, known as “BIA” on stage, is undoubtedly one of them. A dynamic Brazilian Funk and Electronic DJ, she’s been revolutionizing the Canadian music landscape since her arrival. Originally from Brazil, Beatriz brought with her an innate passion for music when she moved to Canada two years ago. Despite being self-taught in guitar, piano, and singing, her talent quickly gained attention through the posting of singing videos online, showcasing her versatile musical abilities.

Indeed, the rumors are true – BIA is rapidly on her way to becoming the most sought-after Brazilian DJ in Canada. Within just a year of immersing herself in the nightlife industry, BIA has graced the stages of some of Toronto’s most prestigious clubs, including Rebel, Cabana, and Nest. Her talent has even taken her beyond Toronto, with performances in provinces such as Quebec, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.

We recently caught up with BIA’s team, and they shared exciting news of upcoming tour dates, including shows abroad. As she continues to make waves nationally, it’s evident that these shows are not to be missed.

But BIA’s ambitions extend far beyond national recognition; she dreams of inspiring audiences worldwide with her electrifying energy. Demonstrating a genuine passion for her craft and surpassing all expectations, Beatriz “BIA” Lima is rapidly emerging as an influential figure in the global music scene.

To stay updated on BIA’s latest performances and releases, visit her website at Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the rising star reshaping the landscape of Brazilian Funk and Electronic music in Canada and beyond.

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