AVX shares versatile new album, ‘Highs & Lows’

New Jersey artist AVX has returned with a new album called Highs & Lows. Following up a series of well-received singles prior to its release, Highs & Lows fully lives up to the hype with back-to-back songs that are infectious and versatile throughout. Showcasing AVX’s poignant songwriting that mixes hip-hop and R&B stylings, Highs & Lows provides much replay value with its sleek sonics and engaging vocals.

Highs & Lows opens with the immersive, dynamic “Manifest”, which introduces the project on a strong note with its expansive sound and catchy vocals. “OMW”, follows next in a cohesive manner with winding strings drifting s atop an addictive rhythm section. Elsewhere, AVX shows his lyrical skill and sense for catchy melodies, with potent verses and sharply-crafted hooks on songs such as album highlight “DEMONS”, which draws the listener into the artist’s world with its captivating songwriting.

The latest from AVX, Highs & Lows impresses with its vibrant, diverse sound and stylish feel.

Listen to Highs & Lows:

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