6 Points’ Experience as Music Supervisor for BET+ Original Series ‘Sisters’

Being the music supervisor for BET+ original series ‘Sisters’ was an honor for 6 Points. Reflecting on 2017, when he was trying to connect with music supervisors to pitch his music productions, 6 Points says it’s very  surreal to him to be in the role of a music supervisor for a BET original film.

In the movie Sisters, 6 Points produced four songs: ‘Clout’ by Mike Russ, ‘Was It Worth It’ by Famous Los, ‘Hold On Another Day’ by Angeline, and ‘Is You Loyal’ by Angeline and Famous Los.

According to 6 Points, his path into acting began with Director Jahmar Hill, who gave him an opportunity in his 2022 film ‘Run’ as ‘Officer Bryan.’ Evidently, that went well, leading to his role in BET+ ori

Being  apart of a BET movie was a dream that 6 Points has now fulfilled. It’s a testament to faith and hard work. Director Jahmar Hill has another project in the works for 6 Points according to an interview done by 6 Points, so there’s much more to anticipate. 6 Points remains grateful for his opportunities and eagerly awaiting the next one.

Keep an eye out for what’s next from this emerging music producer and actor. There’s a lot more to come, with hints of upcoming music projects and more soon!

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